Alternative Dispute Resolution of Custody or Support Modification

If the current parenting plan is not working or circumstances require a change in financial support, there are two options. You can sit down with your ex to work out a new agreement or you can go before a judge and take your chances.

Modifications of court orders and enforcement actions can be hotly contested, but the Law Office of Beth Reineke has helped clients resolve even complex and high-conflict cases. Through mediation and other dispute resolution methods, we help people avoid the stress and expense of litigation and have more control over the outcome. We believe that all family disputes, however tense or tangled, are readily solvable through mediation. We also can help you with Alimony Modifications and Custody Modifications.

Before You Head to Court, Consider Mediation

Tampa post-judgment modifications mediator attorney Beth G. Reineke is a Supreme Court Certified family mediator who focuses exclusively on out-of-court solutions in divorce and child custody. Based in Tampa, Florida, we work in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties. Arrange a free phone consultation today.

Tampa Attorney Mediator for Modifying Parenting Plans

A minor temporary change in the parenting schedule does not require a formal modification. For an ongoing, substantial change in physical custody, time sharing, child support or spousal support, it is a good idea to memorialize it in writing to avoid a big legal conflict later.

  • If you agree on all issues, Beth Reineke can draft the modification agreement to submit to the court for approval. Modifying custody out of court with a lawyer’s help is faster, easier and more cost-effective than filing a petition and undergoing discovery and a contested hearing.
  • Attorney Reineke also offers mediation services if you cannot agree on terms but wish to avoid litigation. She can serve as a neutral facilitator to explore what’s working, what’s not working and various options to resolve all the disputes. She helps anticipate future scenarios you may not have considered, and she ensures that the new agreement is detailed and clear.

Enforcement issues? Even contempt of court cases can be resolved through a mediator or parent coordinator. If a parent is delinquent with child support, not truly sharing the parenting roles, or persistently interfering with visitation, having that person hauled before a judge and held in contempt might get their attention, or it may only make them more belligerent.

Mediation may be more productive. It provides a better forum for addressing the underlying problems and disputes, without raising the stakes or the level of animosity. We truly believe that going to court should always be the last resort.

Tampa Post-Judgment Modifications Mediator

Do you want to bypass the drama and cost of a courtroom showdown? Contact us online or call 813-205-6675 for a free phone consultation to discuss custody or child support modification mediation. The Law Office of Beth Reineke serves Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Area.