Modifying Child Support Or Alimony Through Mediation

Finances change, but people are harder to budge. An ex-wife who is counting on monthly support may not agree to a lower amount. A father who feels strapped by child support obligations may balk at paying one dollar more.

Mediation can help find middle ground, especially when the alternative is going to court and putting your fate in the hands of a judge. Tampa attorney Beth G. Reineke is a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator. She can mediate post-decree disputes and help clients draw up modification documents for submission to the court. Her legal practice is devoted exclusively to mediation and other alternatives to litigation.

Clearwater Child Support Modification Lawyer Mediator

Financial issues are always tense, especially after divorce. Beth Reineke can help co-parents or ex-spouses work through the difficult matter of modifying child support or modifying alimony. The paying party may seek a decrease in support because of job loss or other hardship. The recipient may seek a higher level of support because of a decrease in his or her own income, an increase in the payor’s income or because of additional needs of the child.

  • If the parties agree, Ms. Reineke can calculate the new child support guidelines and prepare the modification agreement and any other documents necessary for the court’s stamp of approval. The modification order replaces some or all of the original court order or specifies a temporary change for a defined period of time.
  • If one party does not consent to the support modification, Ms. Reineke can mediate the dispute to avoid the delay, expense and uncertainty of getting a hearing date and arguing before a judge. If mediation succeeds, she can draw up the papers.

Initial determination of child support is based on statutory guidelines and alimony is awarded after consideration of numerous statutory factors. Mediation can help assure that the modification is mutually agreed, justified by the new circumstances, and serves the best interests of the child and the parents.

Experienced Mediator For Alimony Modification

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