Florida Parent Coordination: Resolving High-Conflict Parent Disputes Out of Court

Some parents agree in principle but get hung up on the details. Some parents are not even on speaking terms or can’t agree that the sky is blue. A parent coordinator is a neutral third party who acts as a mediator or arbitrator to help co-parents iron out the wrinkles of shared parenting.

Parent coordination is a service — voluntary or court ordered — available through the Florida family courts in which the coordinator engages parents to resolve high-conflict custody disputes outside of court instead of fighting it out in multiple hearings and trials. Tampa attorney, Beth Reineke, is a trained parent coordinator serving the 13th Judicial Circuit (Hillsborough County) and the 6th Judicial Circuit (Pasco and Pinellas counties).

Tampa Parent Coordinator for High-Conflict Custody Cases

Solving the Challenges of Raising Kids Together

Attorney Mediator Beth Reineke, of Reineke Mediations, is a Supreme Court Certified mediator and a longtime proponent of alternatives to litigation. In fact, she practices exclusively as a neutral facilitator in out-of-court dispute resolution. Whether you are proactively seeking a parent coordinator or have been ordered by the court to engage in parent coordination, we invite you to arrange a free phone consultation today.

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