Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator Beth Reineke

IMG_0395Litigation is the worst way to get divorced. Litigation can be long and drawn out, stressful and very expensive. It magnifies disputes and puts decisions about your family and your future in the hands of a judge who doesn’t know you or your family.

Mediation is in many ways just the opposite. It is quicker and less costly, it reduces animosity, and it gives you control over the important issues and the details of your divorce. There are no “head games” and countermoves — just two spouses and a neutral third party working toward an amicable settlement.

Tampa divorce attorney mediator Beth G. Reineke can help you explore pre-suit mediation as a less adversarial and less expensive method of separation and divorce. She is certified by the Florida Supreme Court to conduct divorce and custody mediations, and she is a Board Certified Emeritus specialist in divorce and family law.

Litigation Is NOT the Way … Have You Explored Mediation?

Over 25 years of practice, Beth Reineke experienced how destructive and fruitless courtroom divorce battles can be. She is now solely engaged in mediation and other similar alternatives to litigation. She can mediate divorce and custody cases in the Tampa Bay Area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties. Arrange a free phone consultation today.

Hillsborough County Divorce Mediation Services

We handle both voluntary mediations (pre-suit divorce mediations) and court-mandated mediations (contested divorce mediations). Our role is to help clients take full advantage of this opportunity to resolve disputes, map out the future and avoid litigation:

  • Pre-suit mediation — The majority of our mediation cases are couples who want to resolve their divorce amicably without hiring attorneys. Beth Reineke keeps the discussion focused and guides you through even the stickiest conflicts.
  • Post-filing mediation — In contested divorce or custody cases, the family court typically orders the parties to try mediating before proceeding to litigation. We help clients make the most of mandatory mediation, but we strongly encourage pre-suit mediation: (a) You will be ordered to mediate anyway and (b) it is far easier for spouses to resolve disputes before they dig in their heels and hire separate lawyers.

The Advantages Of Mediating Your Florida Divorce

Divorce mediation is the wise choice for many reasons:

Mediation works — Mediating is more conducive to respectful discussions and give-and-take, and lasting solutions that will be honored by both parties.

Mediation is more civilized — Despite amicable intentions, contested divorce always becomes adversarial. Mediation avoids needless fights and drama. See The Civilized Divorce.

Mediation is confidential — The process and the results are private, as opposed to the tension of public scrutiny associated with litigation. See  The Confidential Divorce.

Mediation saves time and money — Mediating is cost-effective because you are not hiring dueling experts or paying two lawyers to fight over every issue. Mediation resolves divorce quicker than litigation and occurs on your timetable rather than the court’s schedule. See  Getting Divorced on a Budget.

Mediation gives you control — Mediation is a voluntary process, and nonbinding if an agreement is not reached. Better yet, you determine the outcome rather than a judge.

Mediation is healthier for children — Despite intentions, kids are often caught in the middle of a divorce battle. They are harmed by a long and bitter fight and the inevitable aftermath, but they benefit when Mom and Dad cooperate and come to terms.

Mediating Complex Issues

Mediation is not limited to simple and straightforward divorces. Beth Reineke has successfully mediated cases with complicating factors, including:

— Complex property settlements (retirement funds, businesses, debts, alimony, etc.)

— Military divorce (military pensions, military pay, deployments, etc.)

— Unmarried parents (paternity, shared parenting and support)

— Cohabitating couples (jointly acquired assets and debts)

— Same sex couples (married and unmarried)

How Mediation Works

A mediator is a neutral third party who does not represent either spouse. During mediation, couples meet and work together with their mediator to develop a settlement that is fair and agreeable to both of them.

Mediation is often used prior to filing for divorce in an effort to avoid the emotional and financial costs associated with lengthy litigation. When a settlement is reached, the mediator prepares a written settlement agreement that can be processed by the court without filing a contested divorce action. If a lawsuit has been filed, mediation can still assist the parties in identifying and resolving their disputes, and it is often required by the court prior to scheduling any hearings or a trial.

Role Of The Attorney Mediator

A mediator’s primary role during mediation is to facilitate discussions of the various issues related to your separation and divorce, to offer possible solutions, and to otherwise assist you and your spouse in reaching a full settlement on all issues. Once a settlement has been reached, the mediator prepares a formal written marital agreement for the parties. As a certified family mediator, attorney Reineke has the experience necessary to assist you and your spouse in reaching an amicable settlement, as well as the expertise necessary to incorporate your settlement into a binding, legally enforceable marital agreement that can be filed with the court.

The Mediation Conference

During your mediation conference, all issues related to your separation and divorce will be addressed, including shared parental responsibilitycustody and visitationchild supportdivision of assets and debtsalimony and financial disclosure. The objective is to reach an agreement on all issues. Additionally, you will each receive information concerning the procedural requirements for filing an uncontested divorce, assistance preparing your financial affidavits and, if applicable, the mediator will prepare alimony projections and Child Support Guideline calculations for you.

Why You Want A Lawyer To Mediate Your Florida Divorce

Non-attorney mediators may be effective facilitators, but an experienced attorney mediator like Beth Reineke can offer the full package. With her extensive background in divorce and family law, she has legal expertise that other mediators simply don’t possess. Not only can she assist you in your negotiations, but once the negotiations are concluded there is no need to try and squeeze your agreement into an inadequate “cookie cutter” marital settlement agreement form. Attorney Reineke will prepare a marital settlement agreement customized to meet your family’s needs and all the court documents you will need for an uncontested divorce.

Ready To Explore Mediation?

Tampa and St. Petersburg divorce mediation attorney Beth Reineke offers half-day and full-day mediations. If you would like to schedule mediation, discuss our current rates or get additional information about alternative dispute resolution, please call 813-205-6675 or contact us online.