Collaborative Divorce – A Cooperative Approach to Divorce Negotiations

In a traditional contested divorce, spouses hire lawyers to outmaneuver each other and “win” their divorce. This adversarial cat-and-mouse game exaggerates disputes rather than solving them. Litigation swells the cost of divorce, drags out the timeline and creates friction and resentments that often resurface later.

Collaborative divorce is a practical twist on divorce negotiations which takes the confrontations and gamesmanship out of the equation. Similar to pre-suit mediation, the collaborative divorce process is voluntary and is geared toward an out-of-court settlement. Unlike pre-suit mediation, there is typically a team of professionals assisting the parties during their settlement negotiations.  The professional team typically is made up of two collaboratively trained attorneys, one representing each party, a neutral facilitator and a neutral financial professional.

Collaborative divorce is less expensive than traditional litigation, but it is more expensive than pre-suit mediation because it is a more formal process and it typically involves a team of collaboratively trained professionals billing hourly for their services.

Beth Reineke practiced for many years in the divorce wars, and she now strictly handles alternatives to litigation like collaborative divorce. She was among the vanguard of Florida divorce lawyers to explore collaborative law. She served as president of the Collaborative Divorce Institute of Tampa Bay for several years, and is trained both as a collaborative attorney and a collaborative facilitator.

Explore the Benefits of Collaborative Divorce:

Beth Reineke is a collaborative facilitator. She can help you and your spouse decide whether collaborative divorce is right for you. She can help you assemble your collaborative divorce team, and then facilitate the collaborative divorce process, helping you, your spouse and your respective collaboratively trained attorneys ultimately reach a collaborative divorce agreement. Arrange a consultation today.

Hillsborough County Collaborative Divorce Facilitator for Contested Divorce or Custody

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