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Because of the long-reaching implications of a divorce or custody dispute, especially the negative aftermath of litigation, one of the best decisions you can make is to seek expert assistance as soon as possible.

At the law firm of Reineke Mediations, our founding attorney is a Florida Supreme Court Certified divorce mediator. Attorney Reineke’s 30 plus years of experience as a divorce and custody lawyer includes extensive training and practice in mediation, parent coordination, and collaborative family law. Beth Reineke is eminently qualified to oversee the most complex and contentious family disputes and bring parties together to forge a resolution.

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  • “She mixed her life experience, and legal training, with patience, logic, and persuasion, to move our case forward to a more thoughtful, and peaceful resolution, for everyone involved.”

A Hillsborough County Family Law 
Attorney Dedicated to Out-of-Court Solutions

Tampa divorce mediator, Beth Reineke, intentionally ended her litigation practice in 2005 to focus exclusively on alternatives to litigation. As a licensed attorney with years of courtroom experience and a certified mediator who is trained, approved, and regulated by the Supreme Court, she is eminently qualified to help resolve the most complex and sticky disputes.

Family law matters Reineke Mediations can help you and your loved ones resolve outside of court include: 

  • Divorce mediation: An experienced attorney-mediator can help you discuss your differences, find common ground solutions, and customize your marital settlement agreement. (See our Mediation FAQs.) Attorney Reineke handles both pre-suit (voluntary) and post-filing (court-ordered) mediations.
  • Parent coordination: A trained parent coordinator can bring sanity and solutions to high-conflict child custody disputes, enabling co-parents to communicate, cooperate, and agree on a parenting plan and shared parenting roles without resorting to litigation.
  • Uncontested divorce: If you agree on all facets of asset division, parenting arrangements, financial support, and alimony, Attorney Reineke can draft your settlement agreement and all the necessary court documents. The mediation setting allows couples to work together with one neutral professional, rather than an advocate who is only representing the interests of one of the parties and who may intentionally slant the agreement in favor of their client.
  • Collaborative divorce: In divorces with complex assets or custody disputes, collaborative divorce is another alternative to divorce litigation. Like traditional mediation, the focus is on settlement and not litigation. The spouses and their collaboratively trained attorneys sign an agreement not to litigate, setting the tone for an amicable settlement.

Scope of Practice in Divorce & Family Law

Beth Reineke mediates divorce and family law cases filed in Tampa, Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding Tampa Bay Area. Her extensive experience enables clients to achieve creative and comprehensive solutions in every facet of the law.


  • Alimony: Temporary alimony, rehabilitative alimony, transitional and bridge-the-gap alimony, durational alimony, permanent alimony, and spousal support.
  • Child custody, visitation, and time sharing: Paternity, custody, visitation, time sharing, and interstate jurisdictional issues.
  • Child support: Child support calculations, temporary child support awards, child support orders, child support enforcement, and child support modification.
  • Divorce: Contested divorce and uncontested divorce, no-fault divorce, and legal separation.
  • Divorce agreements: Marital settlement agreements, separation agreements, parenting agreements, time-sharing agreements, custody, visitation, and property agreements.
  • Divorce mediation: Neutral third party for mediating disagreements over custody, financial support, or property division that have halted the divorce process.
  • Enforcement: Child support enforcement and enforcement of alimony awards, marital agreements, and divorce judgments.
  • Marital property: Division of marital property, division and equitable distribution of marital assets and marital liabilities.
  • Post-judgment modification: Alimony, child custody, timesharing (visitation), and child support.
  • Relocation: Relocations and modifications of visitation and time sharing.
  • Shared parenting: Shared parenting, shared parental responsibility, and sole parental responsibility.
  • Temporary relief: Temporary alimony, temporary child support, temporary visitation and time sharing, and temporary exclusive use of the marital home.

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

  • Supreme Court Certified Mediator

    Not all mediators are licensed attorneys- Reineke Mediations brings legal experience and practical insights to the mediation process.

  • Over 3 Decades of Legal Experience

    Reineke Mediations has over 3 decades of legal experience in helping families find divorce resolutions. 

  • LitigationFree

    We believe any aspect of divorce and custody can be resolved without a courtroom fight. Reineke Mediations has experience with mediating complex property division, entrenched custody disputes, and high-stakes alimony and child support issues. Reineke Mediations provides creative suggestions, gentle guidance, and reality check wisdom from years of hard work in courtroom wars.

Is Mediation the Right Choice?

We offer free phone consultations and reasonable rates for mediation, drafting of agreements, preparation of court documents and other mediation services. During your initial consultation, Reineke Mediations will discuss the benefits of mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and whether these methods are the right fit for your situation.

Alternatives to Litigation Litigation Free, Stress Free

Beth G. Reineke is here for you no matter the case.

Meet Our Supreme Court Certified Divorce Mediator


Tampa Divorce Mediator & Parent Coordinator

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