Proactive Resolution Of Divorce And Property Disputes Before You File For Divorce

Once divorce papers are filed, amicable intentions may go out the window. Tempers flare and friends, family or attorneys fan the flames. Soon the tentative kitchen table agreement is scrapped and both parties dig in their heels.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Pre-suit mediation is a process for resolving the nuts and bolts of divorce before the divorce action is filed with the court. This heads off the adversarial tactics and inevitable escalation of a contested divorce. It saves time, money and sorrow for everyone involved.

Attorney mediator Beth G. Reineke provides pre-suit mediation services to couples in the Tampa Bay Area who are committed to a fair, efficient and amicable divorce. She is Certified by the Florida Supreme Court to mediate divorces.

Tampa Bay – St. Pete And Clearwater Pre-Filing Divorce Mediation

A veteran of the divorce wars, Ms. Reineke now practices exclusively as a neutral in voluntary pre-filing divorce mediations and post-filing court-ordered mediations. She draws on more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in Florida family law to help couples take advantage of this golden opportunity. While alternative dispute resolution is not always viable, it is superior to litigation:

  • Mediation is cost-effective. Who can afford a legal battle?
  • Mediation is usually quicker. You are not at the whims of the court calendar.
  • Mediation is private. Your sessions and results are kept confidential.
  • Mediation is less stressful. It is easier on the spouses and the children.
  • Mediation is successful. You are less likely to end up back in court.
  • Mediation is based on your input. Don’t allow a judge to dictate your future.

Pre-filing mediation bypasses the legal formalities (and attorney fees) of many formal pleadings, hearings, interrogatories and discovery. Rather than paying lawyers to shuffle papers and jockey for position, the spouses put everything on the table. Beth Reineke is skilled at capitalizing on common ground, offering productive suggestions and moving the process toward an amicable resolution.

Once you have reached agreement on all of the issues, Ms. Reineke can prepare the marital settlement agreement and other paper work for a quick uncontested divorce.

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The key is to mediate before the wheels of divorce are set in motion. To discuss our services with pre-suit attorney divorce mediator Beth Reineke, contact us online or call 813-205-6675 for a free phone consultation. Our Tampa law office welcomes couples throughout Hillsborough County, Pinellas County and Pasco County.