Pre-Filing Mediation Vs. Post-Filing Court-Ordered Mediation

In a contested divorce, the family courts of Florida require the divorcing spouses to engage in mandatory mediation before they can proceed to trial. This last-ditch effort can be surprisingly fruitful, especially with the looming prospect of spending many more months and thousands of dollars in litigation.

Increasingly, couples are bypassing the legal process altogether and opting to resolve divorce through pre-filing mediation. This is a voluntary and nonbinding process that takes the anxiety and animosity out of negotiations. Spouses find that the non-adversarial atmosphere is conducive to a practical and amicable settlement.

Tampa attorney mediator Beth G. Reineke is Certified by the Florida Supreme Court to conduct family law, custody and divorce mediations. She devotes the bulk of her practice to proactively resolving divorce through pre-filing mediations, and she is frequently selected by fellow family lawyers in the Tampa Bay Area to mediate post-filing court-ordered family law and divorce mediations.

Clearwater Mediator For Mandatory Mediation In Family Law Actions

Under Florida law, couples must attempt mediation before they can obtain temporary relief, or go to trial over property, child custody or other disputes. If the parties are entrenched and invested in litigating, they may grudgingly go through the motions to satisfy the court that they “tried” mediation. However, some couples do find that mandatory court-ordered mediation is useful for resolving conflicts and discovery disputes or at least narrowing the issues for trial.

“In my experience, couples can save considerable time, money and heartache by voluntarily engaging in mediation on the front end before the divorce papers are filed. In others words, since you are going to be required to mediate at some point anyway … why not explore voluntary mediation and see where it leads?”
— Attorney Mediator Beth Reineke

Is Mediation The Answer For Your Florida Divorce?

Tampa court-ordered divorce mediator attorney Beth Reineke has litigated divorces in the past, and she has conducted mediations amid contested proceedings. Her practice is now devoted to alternatives to litigation.

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