Drawing Up Divorce Agreements And Court
Documents For Uncontested Divorce In Florida

Ending a marriage by mutual decision on amicable terms is the best-case scenario. But even in an uncontested divorce, you have to be careful. There are many legal and financial considerations that can come back to haunt you if not thoroughly covered in your marital settlement agreement.

Why You May Not Want To Do This Yourself

You may have a “kitchen table” agreement and think that you are ready to get a quick divorce. Closer examination by a neutral attorney may reveal gaps and loose ends that need to be addressed. There is no substitute for the trained eye of an experienced divorce lawyer.

What exactly have you agreed to? Are you really in agreement on the issues? Are there gray areas or ambiguous terms? Have you missed critical scenarios? For instance, what if the house doesn’t sell or what if as parents you stop getting along?

Tampa attorney mediator Beth G. Reineke offers assistance to couples for an uncontested divorce (Florida no-fault divorce) and related legal documents:

  • Legal separation agreements — interim solution to clarify financial and legal matters if you are not ready to divorce
  • Marital settlement agreements — a comprehensive document for dissolving the marriage and resolving financial affairs
  • Parenting plans — detailing terms of custody, time sharing, schedules and shared parental responsibilities
  • Prenuptial agreements — spelling out division of property, financial support, decision-making authority and other terms in the event of divorce, death or incapacity

If you have everything worked out, as a neutral mediator Beth Reineke can review your outlines and notes and help you and your spouse cover all your bases. As your mediator, she will then prepare your settlement agreement and your court documents so that all you have to do is submit them to the court for approval. If in the process it turns out that you and your spouse have some unresolved issues, attorney Reineke is a highly experienced mediator who can get you the rest of the way without hiring competing attorneys and resorting to litigation.

Get Divorced Without Attorneys: Uncontested Divorce in the Tampa Bay Area

Attorney Beth Reineke is a Supreme Court Certified family mediator who focuses exclusively in
out-of-court solutions for divorce and child custody matters. She welcomes couples throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties of Florida. Arrange a free initial consultation today.

Tampa Uncontested Divorce Neutral Mediator

In an uncontested divorce, you must agree on everything:

It is very common that couples come to us thinking that they are in total agreement, only to discover they have loose ends, unexplored issues or even major disagreements. Beth Reineke draws on her years of experience in mediating, negotiating and litigating divorce and custody cases to help you build on common ground and work out any remaining issues.

You may be tempted to go to a non-attorney to have your divorce agreement drawn up, or to even to fill out your agreement from a do-it-yourself kit. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable lawyer in creating these important documents. It will cost you far more — personally and financially — if you try to handle this yourself and end up in court later because you overlooked an important issue.

As your divorce mediator, attorney Reineke has the experience to draw up your marital separation agreement, your parenting plan and the supporting court documents required to be filed with the court, including:

  • The petition for dissolution of marriage
  • The response answer and waiver
  • Alimony calculations
  • Child Support Guideline calculations
  • Certificates of Compliance with Rule 12.285 (mandatory disclosure)
  • Financial affidavits
  • Residential affidavits
  • Title IV affidavits
  • UCCJEA affidavits for custody and time sharing
  • Notices and motions for final hearing
  • Final Judgment

Unfortunately, you cannot simply “go your separate ways.” All these documents must be properly prepared to pass muster with the court, and all disputes must be resolved.

Yes, it is possible to do an uncontested divorce even if you have child custody disputes or other complex issues related to the division of your assets or debts. It may take more than one mediation session and perhaps outside professionals to iron out all the issues, but you will be happier with the resulting agreement than if you went to court and left these very personal and complex issues up to a judge who doesn’t know you or your family.

Once your marital agreement is finished, if you would like you can each take it to your own attorneys for review before you sign it. Attorney Reineke will incorporate any final changes to the agreement before you sign it, and she will prepare the court documents so you can file an uncontested divorce with the court.

St. Petersburg Divorce Agreements Neutral Mediator Attorney

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