What Happens When One Parent Wants to Move Away?

Parental relocation is one of the toughest issues parents can face. There isn’t much middle ground when co-parents need to live great distances apart. In addition to the decision to relocate there are many other details to be decided in order to preserve a strong bond between the child and both parents.

At the Law Office of Beth Reineke in Tampa, Florida, we are sympathetic to the hard choices and heartbreak of relocation cases. We are also practical child advocates who can help parents negotiate that elusive middle ground to make this major family transition go as smoothly as possible for all involved.

Custody Mediator:
Working Out Accommodations for Relocating Parents

Tampa parent relocation mediation attorney Beth G. Reineke is a Supreme Court Certified Mediator and a staunch advocate of alternatives to litigation. Arrange a free phone consultation to discuss a mediated resolution of your relocation conflicts. Call 813-205-6675.

Florida Parent/Child Move Away Mediator

Florida family courts no longer recognize one parent as having “primary custody” or the child’s “primary residence.” However, in a relocation scenario the child will chiefly live with one parent or the other.

If the relocation itself is not contested, or if a contested relocation is allowed by the judge, the court does recognize the hardships on the parent staying behind. This is where mediation can be very productive. We help co-parents work out the considerations of a new parenting plan such as:

  • Time sharing (visitation) — perhaps more time during holidays and summer vacation
  • Regular communication via phone, e-mail, Skype, etc.
  • Sharing or subsidizing of travel expenses
  • Parent communication and shared decision-making about the child’s education, care and upbringing

Parental Relocation and Divorce Mediation in the Tampa Bay Area

Experienced lawyer Beth Reineke encourages pre-suit mediation to work out the details of relocation. This stage, before litigation is begun, offers the best chance of an amicable agreement. When an agreement is reached she will draw up an agreement to be approved by the court. Attorney Reineke also handles post-filing mediation ordered by the court after a parent petitions to relocate. She is adept at helping parents see the effects of their decisions on their children, as well as the merits of an agreement that they control versus a contentious, expensive courtroom proceeding and a ruling that they don’t control.

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