Mediation Of Child Custody Disputes And Modified Parenting Plans

Few issues are more complicated and emotionally charged than care and custody of children. However, the inclination to litigate must be resisted. Going to court fosters distrust, making shared parenting more difficult, and takes the outcome out of your hands.

If you need to modify the terms of custody and parenting time, attorney mediator Beth G. Reineke can help you resolve conflicts in a more productive and peaceful way through alternative dispute resolution. She is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and a trained parent coordinator for the family courts in the Tampa Bay region.

Beth Reineke can serve as a neutral facilitator to mediate parenting disputes. She can also draft modification agreements and other documents required for court approval when parents agree to amend their parenting plans.

St. Petersburg Parenting Plan Modification Attorney

At the law office of Beth Reineke, we believe that mediation offers the best results even in volatile conflicts over child custody. By sitting down with the other parent to discuss concerns, you may find the common ground to work out a solution. Ms. Reineke uses more than 20 years of legal knowledge and insights to offer suggestions and keep the focus on practical considerations and the best interests of the child.

She has mediated every type of custody modification, including:

  • Petitions for sole custody
  • Increased time sharing (visitation)
  • Custody modification due to relocation
  • Major parenting plan changes (overnights, holidays, summer vacation)
  • Altering the day-to-day time-sharing schedule
  • Grandparent visitation
  • Child support modifications

Even if one party has petitioned the court for a hearing, it may be possible — and preferable — to resolve the conflict out of court through mediation or parent coordination. Beth Reineke can help parents slow things down to explore options and understand long-term consequences. Once an agreement is reached, she can rewrite the parenting plan for approval by the court.

Tampa Mediator For Post-Judgment Custody Modifications

Custody litigation squanders precious resources and often makes matters worse. Mediation gives you a say in the outcome and preserves a healthy relationship between co-parents.

Contact us online or call 813-438-7129 for a free phone consultation with Tampa custody modification mediator-lawyer Beth Reineke. She regularly mediates custody disputes for parents from Temple Terrace and Brandon, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, and throughout the Tampa Bay Area.