Dividing Your Marital Assets Without a Courtroom Fight

Florida law requires an equitable distribution of your marital assets and marital debts. This can be a complex and stressful undertaking—and you can easily slide into litigation if one spouse gets emotionally invested in a particular distribution scenario or thinks they are not getting a fair deal.

The law office of Beth Reineke in Tampa, Florida is committed to alternatives to divorce litigation, even if property division is complex or complicated by other ancillary factors. Our Tampa property division lawyer believes that there is typically a fair and practical solution to dividing the marital estate that serves the interests of both parties. Through mediation or collaborative divorce, or assistance with your uncontested divorce, Attorney Reineke works to spare clients from an expensive and acrimonious courtroom fight.

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  • “She mixed her life experience, and legal training, with patience, logic, and persuasion, to move our case forward to a more thoughtful, and peaceful resolution, for everyone involved.”

Out-of-Court Solutions to Property Division

Attorney Beth Reineke is a Supreme Court Certified divorce mediator with over 30 years of legal experience. She welcomes couples throughout the Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties of Florida. Arrange a free phone consultation today to discuss how you and your spouse can avoid spending your children’s college funds litigating over your marital property.

While most couples choose to turn to litigation to resolve such matters—and, in some cases, have no choice—there are alternatives to spending a considerable amount of time and money battling property issues in court. Instead, you and your former partner can work with a trained mediator and resolve your property division matters together. During mediation, Beth Reineke, acting as a neutral third party, will use her training in matters such as the law and dispute resolution to guide you and your spouse to a mutual resolution. This allows you to make your own decisions, rather than relying on a judge. 

How Our Mediator Will Work With You

Every couple’s situation is unique—some assets cannot be split in half; some assets may be blended combinations of marital property and separate property; one spouse may be in no position to take on a lot of debt; etc. There are many considerations for the immediate aftermath of divorce and your long-term best interests.

Attorney mediator Beth Reineke is skilled at helping couples define their underlying wants, goals, and needs and at showing them that there are many possible scenarios to split assets in a fair and reasonable way. She will challenge you to examine your own entrenched notions that may be getting in the way of a solution: Why do you want the house? Do you have sentimental attachments? What assets are most important to you, and what are you willing to trade?

Property Division Issues We Can Resolve Out of Court

In the mediation of asset division, you can put everything on the table so you and your spouse can explore solutions in a non-adversarial atmosphere regarding:

  • Disposition of the marital home
  • Cash and savings
  • Retirement assets
  • Stock and stock options
  • Closely held businesses
  • Heirlooms and valuables
  • Marital debts
  • College funding and support of adult children
  • Inheritances and other separate property
  • Income, expenses, and standard of living
  • Temporary, ongoing, or lump sum alimony

Another advantage of mediation over litigation is the use of joint neutral experts to control costs and streamline your divorce. We help clients select CPAs, financial planners, appraisers and business valuation specialists, custody evaluators, vocational experts, and other professionals who can help answer questions and resolve disputes.

Our Approach Sets Us Apart

  • Supreme Court Certified Mediator

    Not all mediators are licensed attorneys- Reineke Mediations brings legal experience and practical insights to the mediation process.

  • Over 3 Decades of Legal Experience

    Reineke Mediations has over 3 decades of legal experience in helping families find divorce resolutions. 

  • LitigationFree

    We believe any aspect of divorce and custody can be resolved without a courtroom fight. Reineke Mediations has experience with mediating complex property division, entrenched custody disputes, and high-stakes alimony and child support issues. Reineke Mediations provides creative suggestions, gentle guidance, and reality check wisdom from years of hard work in courtroom wars.

Is Mediation the Right Choice?

We offer free phone consultations and reasonable rates for mediation, drafting of agreements, preparation of court documents and other mediation services. During your initial consultation, Reineke Mediations will discuss the benefits of mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and whether these methods are the right fit for your situation.

Alternatives to Litigation Litigation Free, Stress Free

Beth G. Reineke is here for you no matter the case.

Meet Our Supreme Court Certified Divorce Mediator


There Is a Better Way—Marital Property Division with Mediation

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