Comprehensive Documents For The Realities Of Co-Parenting

The ideal parenting plan is specific yet flexible. When parenting plans or agreements are ambiguously worded or short on detail, parents will often disagree. When parenting plans are overly rigid, there will be constant conflicts when everyday life does not go as planned.

Experienced lawyer Beth G. Reineke is eminently qualified to help parents create realistic and lasting parenting plans. She is a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator and a trained parent coordinator who has helped resolve high-conflict and legally complex custody disputes.

Ms. Reineke offers mediation services for parents with unresolved disputes and drafting of documents for parents who need to put their co-parenting plans in writing. She delivers comprehensive parenting plans to clients throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

Neutral Mediator For Custody Agreements And Shared Parenting Plans

A parenting plan can be a stand-alone document, as in a paternity case, or a component of the marital settlement agreement in dissolution of marriage (divorce). At the law office of Beth Reineke, we strive to produce parenting plans that are clear, practical and enforceable.

We cover all the bases in drafting or reviewing parenting plans:

  • Standard custody and visitation
  • Time sharing — weekends, overnights and other parenting time
  • Parenting schedules — pickup/drop, vacation, holidays, extracurriculars
  • Communication — frequency, designated time and mode of contact
  • Decision-making — schooling, religious upbringing, health care, general welfare
  • Other facets of shared parenting responsibility
  • Mediation or other forum for resolving future disputes

Do you need a parent coordinator to resolve an impasse? See our Parent Coordination FAQ.

Experienced Counsel For Out-Of-Court Parenting Agreements

We believe strongly that custody litigation is counterproductive. Our goal is to preserve family ties and foster cooperation through carefully crafted parenting plans that minimize conflicts. To discuss your concerns with Tampa parenting plan attorney mediator Beth Reineke, contact us online or call 813-205-6675 for a free phone consultation. We welcome parents throughout Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, and the surrounding Tampa Bay Area.