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When it comes to your divorce, you don’t need to rely on the courts to make your decisions. Technically, you and your spouse can make any agreements you want about property division, support, child custody, and so on.

However, it is not a good idea to make these decisions without some help. Family law can get complicated, and it’s easy to make a decision that seems reasonable but doesn’t work in practice. Furthermore, people going through a divorce are often in a ragged emotional state. Trying to make agreements with someone who hurt or angered you is hard, and communication can break down easily.

To bypass these issues, we suggest that you consider pre-suit mediation. Attorney Beth Reineke has years of legal experience working with families in and around Pinellas County. She began her career working as a litigator in courtroom, and she knows how ugly it can get. Now, she believes there is a better way, a way that can benefit everyone involved. If you’re ready to end your marriage in an amicable, civil way, Attorney Reineke is ready to work for you.

For divorce mediation services in Pinellas County, trust Beth G. Reineke. 

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The Divorce Mediation Process

Mediation is a process which helps couples communicate their needs and reach mutually beneficial agreements. Our skilled Family Law Attorney Mediator helps couples talk through their needs and concerns, and she offers helpful suggestions on how to meet these needs in fair, reasonable ways.

Before attending mediation, we suggest you gather documents related to your present income, and current assets and liabilities. Our team can help with this process. Then, you and your spouse will meet with our Attorney Mediator. A simple divorce may be resolved in one mediation session. A complicated divorce may require multiple sessions. You can expect each mediation session to last about two hours. After you and your spouse reach an agreement, our Attorney Mediator draws up your agreement and the necessary court documents to complete your divorce. Once these documents are reviewed with your mediator, they are finalized; and then you submit them to the court by dropping your agreement and court documents off with the clerk at the Pinellas County courthouse or the courthouse in the county where you live. Shortly thereafter, there will be a quick hearing with your assigned judge to approve your agreement and grant your divorce. From there, you can both move forward with your new lives.

Attorney Reneke has special mediation training that helps keep negotiations moving. She can keep the tone civilized and productive if tempers flare. Furthermore, her legal experience can help couples find alternative solutions that they may not be able to reach on their own.

Mediation for Any Divorce

Divorce can be a simple process, or it may take some time to untangle. It all depends on the details surrounding the marriage. Our mediator is ready to help, no matter what your situation.

High-Asset Divorce

Property division can be complicated in any marriage dissolution. It becomes even more complex in a high-asset divorce. Our Attorney Mediator has years of experience with complex divorces. She can help you untangle your assets and help ensure a fair property split.

Military Divorce

Some military benefits qualify as marital property. Military retirement benefits acquired during the marriage, for instance, are meant to be shared between spouses. When the marriage ends, it can be difficult to determine how to classify and divide the various retirement benefits. Our mediator is here to help you analyze, categorize and negotiate such matters along with the other complexities a military divorce presents.

Non-Traditional Divorce

These days, marriages come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether you are in a same-sex marriage or participate in an alternative marriage model, our family law attorney mediator can help. She can approach your situation without bias, treating you as an individual. Her major concern is helping you and your spouse or partner reach beneficial solutions without prejudice toward your gender or lifestyle.

Our family law attorney mediator is ready to help you mediate your divorce or other family matter whether you live in Pinellas County or in another county in the Tampa Bay area. If you are ready to talk through your issues and avoid an ugly courtroom battle, schedule a free consultation with us today. You can call us at (813) 205-6675 or contact us online.

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