Comprehensive Agreements In Uncontested Divorces

A marital settlement agreement is the master document that spells out all the terms of your Florida divorce. This agreement is usually filed with the court and must be approved by the judge before your marriage can be officially dissolved.

Many couples create problems by using do-it-yourself divorce kits or by hiring non-lawyers to prepare their divorce agreement. Only an attorney-mediator is qualified to put marital agreements in writing, and even then experience and attention to detail are critically important.

Tampa attorney Beth G. Reineke is a skilled mediator. She can facilitate your divorce mediation and has the skills to draft your marital settlement agreement. She has over 20 years of experience as a family lawyer, and she is Certified by the Florida Supreme Court to conduct family law, divorce and custody mediations.

Experienced Help With the Details of your Divorce Agreement

Beth Reineke brings extensive knowledge of Florida family law to the mediation table. She is intimately familiar with the language required to properly prepare a marital settlement. She can customize your divorce agreement to meet the particular needs of your family and the different protocols in the family courts of Hillsborough County and Pinellas County, Florida.

Your marital settlement agreement, also called a marital separation agreement or divorce agreement, must detail every aspect of your divorce that applies, including asset and debt division, alimony, child support and a comprehensive parenting plan. The parties must be in complete agreement with no unresolved disputes in order for the court to grant your divorce. Ms. Reineke can help couples iron out any remaining details and prepare the agreement and accompanying court documents, including:

  • Petition for dissolution
  • Acceptance of service
  • Answer and response to the petition
  • Financial affidavits
  • Child support worksheets
  • Alimony projections
  • Other disclosures
  • Jurisdictional affidavits
  • Waivers of discovery and hearings
  • Final judgment of dissolution

These documents present traps for the unwary, traps that could later result in financial

These documents present traps for the unwary, traps that could later result in financial exposure or protracted litigation. Our mission is to help you identify and address any potential pitfalls or omissions in your marital agreement that would come back to haunt you and your family.

Clearwater Mediator For Confidential Divorce Agreement

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